Monday, April 1, 2013

Hoppy Easter

We spent Easter weekend in Bristol, RI noting plenty of sunshine, daffodils, and people wearing T-shirts. These signs of spring (not yet visible in VT) reminded us that boat launching is not far off.  Atalanta's 30th birthday is this year and we have spent a good many winter hours scraping, sanding, and polishing away 30 years of tarnish, varnish, and other unwanted effects of aging. The numerous hours Richard spent refinishing the teak and holly sole paid off in smiles when we laid them in place. They look amazing!   An $18 bottle of Collonite Metal Wax became my new best friend upon discovering that replacing the brass latches would cost over $50 . . . that's per latch! Adding the generator, freezer, and watermaker will make life aboard much more comfy but I am mourning the resulting loss of storage space. Almost every closet or cabinet I peered into contained some sort of additional required component for our new "accessories." I think this may negatively impact the number of shoes I am able to bring.

 Richard will be headed back to Bristol to paint the bottom and I will be figuring out where to put all this stuff that is currently piled - floor to ceiling- in our stateroom!

Happy spring! K


  1. Richard - Sole looks great. Will call you this weekend.