Monday, June 22, 2015


 We arrived in Charleston at the end of May and have been taking up residence here for the past three weeks.  It is very easy and relaxing to be “dock potatoes.”  Soon after our arrival we hopped a jet and returned to the Caribbean for Jamaica.  Here we celebrated Tara and Chad’s marriage with friends and family.

Upon returning to the boat after a week in Jamaica, we arrived back at Atalanta at 3:00 AM.  After two hours of sleep we woke to the sound of fire and smell of smoke.  Just 5 feet away, the dock ignited from an electrical fire, threatening Atalanta and other boats in the area.  After trying to extinguish the fire (unsuccessfully) and then moving Atalanta, the Charleston Fire Department showed up to put out the fire.  A close call.  Besides having to clean up the soot, Atalanta had no damage. 

Charleston is an opportunity for us to have some family time with Jason, Amy, Ben, and Liam.  Ben has already spent two nights on board and hopes to spend more time.  Kay is getting to be Nana Kay and we are all enjoying the warmth of the sun as we endure the latest heat wave.  Each day, for the past week, has posted temps over 100.  It is making it difficult to work outside on Atalanta but makes beach time that much better.  Unfortunately, while in Charleston, 9 innocent people were murdered at a prayer meeting in their local church.  This event has brought great sadness to this community.  Charleston is a beautiful community that unfortunately has racism in its DNA.  Without radical reflection issues of racism will be a value that permeates this community.  On the surface, Charleston appears so civilized and sophisticated.  Just below the surface, life is less tranquil.  It is time for change.  At the very least, the Confederate Flag does not need to fly over the capitol building. 

We look forward to our last three weeks in Charleston.  With boat work, provisioning, and family time, we will be busy.  Next we head north toward New England for the summer and fall. 
Thanks for following.

Richard and Kay