Sunday, September 4, 2016

Back in the USA (temporarily!)

Out for a ride in Paul's
1953 MG TD MkII

It has been almost two months since our last posting.  This has been in part because we haven’t moved from the Rio Dulce due to hurricane season and because we have been visiting the States for two months.

Kay and Richard with Tara and Caitlin
On July 25th, we took a five-hour cab ride to the airport in Guatemala City and began what became a two day-trip via plane to New York.  Our goal was to visit family, attend to medical appointments, house hunt (for the transition back to part time life on land next year) and visit friends.
Thanks to the friendship of Paul, we have been able to stay in Westford for the past two month. 

During our time here we found a new house to make a home, decided to tie the knot, and much more.  On September 13th we expect to close on a new house in Malletts Bay, Vermont.  It is a lovely home near the lake and includes beach rights and a mooring.  Water will continue to be central to our lives, even when we are in Vermont.

St. Patricks
Bread and Puppet
Glover, VT
Five days after moving into our new home, we will wed.  The wedding will be officiated by our good friend and (temp) justice of the peace, Paul.  It is going to be a small affair with our family.  After many years of loving each other we have decided to make it official.  Funny how after all these years, we are both so excited to be getting married. 

Soon after we wed on September 17th, we will be preparing to return to Guatemala.  I guess we should call it our honeymoon.  We will haul the boat, paint the bottom, and get her ready to continue the journey to points unknown.

Our vision for the next year is to sail to Honduras’s Roatan Island and to spend November there.  From there we will sail north to the Caymans where we hope to enjoy the holidays.  As the new-year approaches, we hope to see Cuba, Jamaica, and the Bahamas before returning to the states for a month in Charleston, SC.  We will summer with the boat in New England (Bristol) and spend much of our time in Vermont enjoying our new home.  We hope friends and family will find time to join us for this last leg of our four year journey.

As the fall 2017 winds begin to blow, we will once again board Atalanta for southern waters.  Our plan is to never be cold again.  Time will tell.

So that’s the update from Vermont.  Thanks for following

Richard and Kay

More Pics

Caitlin and Kay
Monkton, VT

Chad and Tara

Bread and Puppet

Dinner at Pauls