Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend was a challenge weather wise.  When sailing, the best made plans are always weather dependent.  While we had plans for a cruise to Block Island or the Elizabeth Islands, stiff winds, high seas and lots of rain kept us in the Narraganset for the weekend.  Fortunately, we were able to share good food and drink with our friends, Dennis and Sue, visit the Herreshoff museum (pics below) and catch Leo in the Great Gatsby.  Monday showed itself to be a better day.  After a sail in the Bristol area, we wandered over to Potter's cove for lunch on the hook.  What a difference the sun makes. While we are off the boat for the next week to be with the kids, we are looking forward to John joining us as our first guest of the season.     The pics below are some of the classic yachts on display at the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol.  An amazing display of design, engineering, innovation and just plain beauty.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On the Sailing Community

Kay and I are still waiting for summer weather to come to RI.  We have been living on board each weekend but still unable to tackle some of the outside painting/vanishing tasks.  As we put Atalanta back in order for cruising, we are looking forward to our Memorial Weekend cruise with Dennis and Sue on Blue Moon.  Initially our plan is to sail east toward Cutty Hunk and the Elizabeth Islands.  If the wind is out of the NE we could land up changing plans and heading toward Block.  Time will tell.

As we begin this sailing season, it is clear that there is a floating community out there.  Without looking out for each other, many of the challenges of the water would prove more risky and more difficult.  As we have needed support others have offered to help.  As others have needed help, we have offered our time and ability.  It is interesting that this strong sense of community exists where there is such movement and transiency.  Nevertheless, it is evident.  Without this sense of connection, it is unlikely that we would find time on the water as satisfying as it is.  

Dennis at the Top of Blue Moon