Friday, April 26, 2013

The 2013 Season Begins

Finally, after a month of preparing Atalanta for launch she is in the water.  Springtime in a boat yard is a wonderful time of the year.  The yard is full of sailors working on their boats.  Best of all is the day it culminates in the launch.  After doing this my whole life I still get "the feeling" on launch day.  The crew at Bristol Marine do a great job handling your boat as is transitions from land to water.  Mike and his crew move 35,000 pound boats like their toys.  Atalanta successfully launched once the tide was high enough to give her five and a half feet in the launching well.  Once in, we checked all the through hulls, sea cocks and the stuffing box for leaks.  All was well.  We commissioned the water system, engine, generator, and heads for the year.  Now all thats left is putting her in order, making the interior livable, and enjoying.  Here's to the new year.  Hope to see you onboard.

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