Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Launching in two weeks!

April showers bring ……..   It’s time to prepare for launching the week of April 22nd by getting jobs that must be accomplished “on the hard” taken care of.  These include preparing the shaft and maxi-prop (lubrication, checking the cutlass bearing, cleaning and painting with anti-fouling paint), sanding and painting the bottom with two coats of Pettit Ultima 60 and cleaning and polishing the hull.  These jobs will take about four full days.  Before Atalanta is launched we also need to check the through hull fittings, seacocks (9), and hoses that could allow water to enter the boat. Most everything else can be accomplished once the boat is afloat.  There is still plenty to do to get Atalanta sea-ready but Kay and I can do most of the work with a little help from our friends.  If you have a burning desire to engage in manual labor, be sure to let us know.  There is nothing like being in a boat yard in the spring. 
This past weekend, Chad and Richard were able to make major progress with the pre-launch preparation.  They completely sanded the bottom, painted two coats of Ultima 60 (thank you Bisbee Hardware for shaking this unbelievably heavy paint), finished painting the shaft and prop, removed the winter cover and erected the cockpit dodger and bimini.  Bristol Marine has checked and lubricated the prop and all through hull fittings. 

We just have to polish the hull and we are good to go for launch!  Soon the real season will begin.  

There is light at the end of the tunnel they call winter.

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