Thursday, April 18, 2013

Almost In

After a great deal of preparation, Atalanta is now ready to launch.  The hull is polished, the bottom is painted (thanks Chad) and the interior is on its way to being livable.  While there is a great deal that needs to happen to commission Atalanta for the new season, being in the water is a big step.  We hope to be in the water by the 25th.  Once in, we will need to commission all of the systems including water, engine, generator, water maker, refrigeration, and more.  Each year, Atalanta becomes better with small (sometimes not to small) upgrades and refinishing.  We need to do more varnishing to get her in shape.  Fortunately, Richard finds this therapeutic.

Planning for "living aboard" continues.  Kay and Richard visited the UVM travel clinic to get immunizations for areas that we anticipate visiting.  Yellow Fever, Malaria, Hepatitis A, and Tetanus all needed to be considered.  After being poked with lots of needles, we are good to go.  Last in this regard is to consider areas that have Malaria and figure out how long we will be in those regions.  Based on this calculation, we can figure out how many pills we will need to protect against this disease.

More to come once we are in the water.  Stay tuned.
Biistol Harbor

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  1. Richard and Kaye - Hope to see you soon in Bristol. Expect to launch in the first week in May.

    Regarding immunization, Sue and I just went through that for Turkey. Sue elected to have a Typhoid shot.

    Also, much to consider for your medical kit. Let's exchange notes soon.