Saturday, July 5, 2014

Celebrating the 4th of July, Grenada Style

4th of July BBQ in Prickly Bay, Grenada
Yesterday was July 4th.  While out of the USA, we nevertheless had a wonderful if non-traditional celebration.  We announced on the morning sailor’s net that everyone was invited celebrate the 4th on the beach for a potluck.  A group of about 20 arrived with grills, food, song sheets, beer and rum punch.  We had a wonderful day with folks from England, Sweden, Ireland, Australia and oh yes, the US.  Afterward we bussed to St. George’s for a wonderful night of jazz and poetry at the museum community room.  The musicians were talented; the poetry edgy and very interesting.  Another great day in Grenada!

Today we will watch friends on two boats (one from Sweden and one from England) leave to explore other parts of Grenada’s beautiful coastline.  We bid safe travels to Jonas, Sophie, Ann, and Tony.  Our South African friends are already scattered about and we wish them fair winds and safe travels. This is all part of a cruising lifestyle of those that are onboard for years at a time.  It is a transitory way to live and therefore those that you connect with move in and out of lives with reasonable frequency.  We look forward to the next time we are all anchored in the same place at the same time.

We are continuing to work on boat projects although Atalanta has been behaving very well lately.  A local sail loft, Turbulence, is sewing a new dodger and bimini for cockpit and the redesign will offer a more traditional appearance.  The “greenhouse” afforded us hours of warmth and protection from the rain and Kay is a bit sorry to see it go. Richard never was fond of its size or shape so he is anxious to have the new one installed. We chose silver Sunbrella for the new material and it is quite attractive. We are also looking at modifications to the electrical system.  When you live on board, the demands on your 12-volt battery system is extreme.  Everything runs off house batteries including refrigeration, lights, etc.  Recharging batteries is a daily activity.  Currently (no pun intended) we do so with a generator and would like to add either solar or wind generation.  We are researching to see which is more suitable.

It’s time to provision for the week and see about getting some fuel.  That’s it for now from the Spice Island of Grenada.  Thanks for following.

Richard and Kay
Richard, Sophie, Ann and Jonas
at the Fisherman's Birthday Celebration

Poetry in St. Georges, Grenada

Poetry in St. Georges, Grenada

Jazz at the Museam

Richard changing a light bulb 6 stories up

Riding the donut

A night of Great Music!!!!

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