Thursday, June 26, 2014

Prickly Bay

As we spend time in Grenada, we are adjusting to not having a next destination planned for the following day or week.  Most here in Prickly Bay are just living here on board, in a community of others doing the same.  People have different plans for when they will move.  There are basically two groups of cruisers here.  Those that plan on hauling, leaving their boats on the hard and traveling home and those that will stay on their boat for hurricane season.  We are in the latter group.  

As of this writing we have a few ideas as to what we would like to do once we leave Prickly Bay (in about a month).  We don’t know which plan we will follow but here are our thoughts as of today.

Plan 1:  Stay in the Grenada area and explore a few other anchorages on the southern coast.  In addition, head back up the Grenadines to visit some of the Cays we didn’t see on the way down including Tobago Cays, Petit Martinique and others.  Then return to Grenada.
Plan 2: Explore other anchorages in Grenada and then migrate down to Trinidad and Tobago (just north of the Venezuelan coast.  From here we may head west toward Aruba and Bonaire.  This would lead us toward Columbia, Panama and up the western Caribbean.
Plan 3: Explore other anchorages in Grenada and then migrate down to Trinidad and Tobago and then head south with a group leaving from Tobago going to Guyana.  This group is planning to leave on September 2.  If we were to do this we would likely then begin our journey back to the US via the eastern Caribbean.

Part of the joy of traveling as we are is that we have choices of how we want to go.  It would take many years to fully explore the areas available to us and we will never be able to see all of the wonderful places there are to explore.  Instead, we try to savor each day, meet new people, make new friends, and take care of each other. 
Today, the winds are howling.  We are safely anchored and staying on board should the boat need us.  Hopefully, the winds will settle and the bay will calm.  Until then…. Best always

Richard and Kay

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