Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Month without a Hurricane in Grenada

Kay and Suzie at the Hash
Diving a Wreck off Grenada
Once again, this blog entry comes to you from Grenada, our adoptive home.  We arrived here on the first of June and are in our second month on anchor in Prickly Bay.  We find Grenada to be peaceful and beautiful. We have made friends from places far and wide and engaged in activities from drumming lessons to hiking.  We have been extended membership in the University Club giving us access to a beautiful pool, beach and restaurant. 

Grenada is a fairly good place for boat services and repairs.  As with houses, boats need on-going maintenance and upgrades.  The marine environment (especially here in the lower latitudes) is harsh and places demands on a boat.  Not only is the boat our home; it must be maintained for safety reasons.  The consequences for taking a boat to sea that is not seaworthy can be significant.  We are in the process of repairing sails, installing 
Kay Getting Ready for a Swim at the University Club
Richard's Lesson on How to Make a Dry
Secret Harbor
new canvas, and adding a wind generator to help keep the batteries charged.  We are dependent on an onboard 12-volt system for running our lights, refrigeration, instruments, and much more.  To do this we have four fairly large batteries (4D AGM) batteries each of which is about 4 times the size of a car battery.  Many boats charge these batteries with solar panels and/or wind generators but we have relied on a diesel generator.  The wind generator will help us create a smaller carbon footprint.

In a few weeks, Grenada’s Carnival culminates in St. George’s and we are looking forward to attending a variety of events from Soca and Calypso competitions to J’Ouvert celebrations where the traditional Jab-Jab bands emerge from the darkness of night to parade through the streets wanting to dab their body paint onto unsuspecting spectators. That’s it from paradise for now.  Hope you are all well and enjoying summer.

Richard and Tony
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Richard and Kay

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