Monday, September 30, 2013

Sailing in the Chesapeake

Atalanta anchored off the CC Station at Cape May

Our time in Cape May was extended by a day due to weather.  When traveling from Cape May up Delaware Bay one must be aware of both wind and current.  Our winds were on the nose (from the north) and current was from the south.  When you have the wind and current moving in opposing directions, there is a steep chop and big waves (up to 8 feet).  While progress was slow, we made our way up the bay for a wonderfully peaceful anchorage up the Cohansey River.  While this was our first night of “gunkholing” it would not be our last.  
Cape May Victorian
Welcome to Cape May
Once through the Delaware Bay, we entered the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal (the C & D).  While this canal is not the most scenic, it is relatively short.  Within 4 hours, we were entering the Chesapeake Bay.  The Sassafras River and Turner Creek provided us shelter and a wonderful sunset.  As we sailed south to the Annapolis area.  After picking up a mooring in the Back Creek we were joined by Linda and Jim for an afternoon sail and evening dining aboard.  This was a reunion for Richard with his long time friend and graduate school advisor.  A very special night!
Annapolis Bridge
Bob on Morris Point
Eastern Shore of Maryland
Sailing in the Choptank River
Bob, Joanne, Kay and Murray
While Annapolis is a port worth spending time in, the boat show was coming up in a week or so and the harbors were getting quite busy.  With this in mind, we decided to continue south to the eastern shore and the Choptank and Tred Avon River area.  Once in Oxford, Bob and Joanne joined us for three days of sailing, , gunkholing and just catching up.  We truly enjoyed our time with our DC based friends.  We discovered a wonderful cove just behind Morris Point and had a fabulous night. 

While in Oxford, we decided to have the Oxford Boat Yard look at a few items that need attention including our battery charging and AC.  We should be back on the road in a day or so.  Its time to move to the lower Chesapeake and enter the intercoastal waterway.  We should be there in less than a week.  The plan is to go through the ICW behind Cape Hatteras and then sail on the outside to Charleston.  Time will tell as weather determines all.
If you wish to follow our progress, in addition to this blog you can track our progress on a sight called  Look for Atalanta.

Oxford, Maryland

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