Monday, September 16, 2013

And We're Off.................

Our New Neighbor
Queen Mary II

The first step is the hardest.  On September 10th, we began the journey.  After leaving our home mooring in Bristol, RI we headed south toward Newport.  While this is the weekend of the Newport Boat Show, we were able to find a comfortable place to anchor in Brenton Cove.  After celebratory dinner at the Moorings Restaurant we headed back to our floating home.  When we awoke the following morning we had a new neighbor in the anchorage, The Queen Mary 2.  Interestingly, its length is listed as .1 nautical miles and its depth as 36 feet.  This is one huge ship.  Not the kind of cruise ship that frequents Newport. 

Murray enjoying time on Block Island's
Crescent Beach
Block Island 
After a walk in Newport with Murray, we set off for Block Island.  Winds were strong (up to 30 knots) from the SW, the direction we were heading.  With 5 tacks, we were able to sail all the way past Point Judith and on to “the Block”.  Once in the Great Salt Pond, winds picked up a bit making for a lively night out.  The Great Salt Pond is a wonderful anchorage but because of the frequent use by motor and sail boats alike, the bottom provides fairly poor holding.  With high winds and poor holding, we hopped on a town mooring for the night.  Block is one of our favorite places and a fitting spot for our first “stay put day.”  We visited Crescent Beach where the combination of wind and sand gave us a “exfoliating spa treatment”, dad lunch and a beer at the Oar and walk into Old Harbor.  Few places have the charm and beauty of Block Island. 

Sunset on Fisher Island Sound
From here we took a short hop to Stonington, CT.,  a beautiful and protected harbor.  With a charming waterfront area, Kay had a chance to visit a number of stores that she is fond of.  The beginning of our journey seems to have a familiar stops in our favorite places, ones that will not see for a few years.  Once we drop below NYC we will begin visiting new territory, places neither of us have ever been. 
Anchored in the Sand Pit
Port Jefferson, NY
We left Stonington at 5:55 AM on Friday for a 65 mile sail to Port Jefferson, NY.  While 65 miles may not sound like much, @ 4.5-6 knots it is a reasonably long day sail.  We picked up a mooring in the sand pit at sunset and settled in for dinner and rest.

Murray meets his match
Sunday, we had a sweet sail to Hay (Zeigler) Cove and again picked up a mooring for the night.  This is where we interned both my father and nephew.  It is a special place in our hearts for that reason.  Tomorrow we will venture to Mamaroneck where we will spend a few days with mom before heading south.  Hopefully we will be joined by Mark for the ride to “the city” before heading off the New Jersey coast for our first overnight sail of the journey.  Time in the Chesapeake is in the future.
As the fall weather seems to be upon us, it feels good to be heading south, following the moderate temperatures and hopefully clear skies.  

Thanks for following our adventures.  More to come soon.
Richard and Kay

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