Friday, September 6, 2013

Bristol and Counting

Kay enjoying the sunshine
Bristol, our home port for the past 4 years, continues to have a hold on us.  While we boarded Atalanta one week ago as our new home, we have not been able to begin our journey due to a few "minor" last minute repairs.  As Richard was replacing the "spreader boots" on the mast, he noticed a crack in the end cap of one.  This is a small but critical piece that holds the stays (cables holding the mast up) in place.  Since the mast is 30 years old, the part has to be fabricated.  That will happen on Monday.  The chart plotter was another piece of equipment acting a bit funny so it is on the bench of Ray Marine being repaired as we speak.  Hope to see it reinstalled on Monday as well.

Once these final items are taken care of, it is our hope to be joined by our good friend Paul and sail to Block Island.  Block seems like a fitting first port on our journey as it is one of our favorite places in the world.  It will be our last time on Crescent Beach and eating at the Oar for some time.

We don't think Murray really knows that this is his new home and that it will be a while before he gets to sleep on the old couch.  With time, he will learn.

We are anxious to get going and see all that is ahead.  In the mean while, we will enjoy the company of new friends here in Bristol and the warmth of the sun.

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