Sunday, February 16, 2014

San Juan, Puerto Rico

There have only been two times that we have decided to “stay put” for an extended amount of time.  The first was in Charleston for a month when we were visiting Jason, Amy, Liam, and Ben.  The second is here in San Juan when we will be traveling to Vermont for Pat and Rachel’s wedding.  This has afforded us the opportunity to catch our breath, have the conveniences of a marina, visit with long lost friends, and tour this beautiful island.

After 30 years, Richard reunited with close friend from his D.C. days in the early 70”s.  David has been living here for much of that time and has a lovely wife and daughter.  Together we have had a chance to get together, walk the beaches, tour old San Juan and catch up. 
Old San Juan is a treasure.  Its history is reflected on every corner and at every bend.  The following links provide some great information on this historic city: 

Old San Juan

While in Vermont, Murray will enjoy life with the Deakin’s in San Juan.  He is looking forward to playing with Victoria, walking the beach, and just relaxing.  

Upon our return, our good friend John Creelman will be joining us for our sail east to the Spanish and then U.S. Virgin Islands.  We are looking forward to exploring Culebra, St. Johns and St. Thomas Islands.

The Deakin's

 Stay turned and thanks for following. 
 Richard and Kay

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