Thursday, April 14, 2016

Isla Mujeres to Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Mexico continues to be a most pleasant surprise.  Our expectations were not especially high prior to arriving.  Not sure why, perhaps the conversations in the sailing community regarding safety and security problems, perhaps just the image that one forms over time based on misinformation or no information at all.  Instead, we found was one of the most magnificent places we have visited. 
When we landed in Isla Mujeres, we docked at El Milagro Marina  The entire marina staff and the other boat owners on the dock came out to help us in.  We planned to stay for 4 or 5 days but we left 45 days later.  Many of our Isla tales have already been posted but we recognize that we found a place that we will want to return to for years to come.

In the Square of Puerto Moreles

During our final week on Isla Mujeres Conrad, our good friend from Arizona, joined us aboard.  His near fluent Spanish was a wonderful addition to our being able to negotiate the landscape.  We left Isla mid- March and sailed south along the “Mayan Riviera” to Puerto Morelos. 
Pastor being prepared in Isla Mujeres
Puerto Morelos is south of Cancun, small and less touristy.  It's main plaza comes alive with activity after the sun sets and the temperatures cool.  Around the square are bookstores, restuarants, bars and an assortment of vendors.  We have found a number of “hole in the wall” establishments that cook some of the best Mexican cuisine imaginable.  Like most places we have been in the Yucatan, people are nothing but friendly and inviting.  Our Spanish vocabulary is slowly increasing and we courageously make attempts  to communicate using as little English as possible.

Ruins at Talum
We ventured to Tulum to visit another Mayan ruin.  This one was of particular interest as it was a port in the 15th century.  A walled Mayan community, it included homes and temples overlooking the Yucatan Channel.  With a bay and beaches protected by a sizable reef, it provided a point of ingress and egress.  While this was good for trade, it also created a vulnerability as the Spanish colonized this part of Latin America.

Our final outing was a car trip to Playa De Carmen, the third largest city on the Yucatan boasting a developed shoreline (mucho resorts) with a pedestrian walk over a mile long.  Here tourists congregate to shop, drink, eat, enjoy the beach, and shop some more.  Interesting to see, but not really our cup of tea.
Lunch on the beach at Akumal

On Saturday, we'll move to Cozumel where we anticipate good diving and snorkeling.  As usual our plans aren't made well in advance, so we're not sure where or when we'll move from there.

Richard and Kay

A few additional Pics

Best tacos ever

Anne, Tony and Conrad

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