Friday, October 2, 2015

Hurricane Joaquin

Sunset at Block Island

With October’s arrival, we hoped to be much further south than we are.  We enjoyed our time in Bristol, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Vermont and NY but we’re later to leave than anticipated since our friends on Argosea needed extensive repair work to their boat after a lightening strike in early September.  In the meantime, visiting with family and friends in the area was wonderful.

Lunch at the Oar
Now with Hurricane Joaquin coasting by the eastern edge of the US, we have retreated to Norwalk for safe harbor.  We must admit that we are enjoying being on the dock so we can turn on the heat.  We haven’t said that for quite awhile!  It’s also been a long time since we donned foul weather gear to walk Murray. . . . missing those palm tree lined beaches.

Atalanta has experienced three other hurricanes (Earl, Irene, Sandy) in the past 7 years and weathered them well.  We recognize the importance of being prudent and careful where bad weather is concerned.  Decades have passed since William Redfield’s serendipitous discovery that tropical storms have a circular rotation and cirrus clouds first observed by Father Benito ViƱes still scurry across clear, blue skies in advance of an approaching hurricane. Now thanks to satellites and the extensive monitoring of storms by the National Weather Service and the Hurricane Center, we usually have at least a 5-day warning to prepare ourselves and Atalanta for severe weather. As of this morning, it appears that Joaquin will head off shore and not direct its fury at the NE coast.  Unfortunately, the Bahamas were dealt a severe hit and have incurred significant damage.

On Tuesday we hope for clearing skies and calming winds to begin our southbound travels. We’ll move quickly to the Chesapeake to enjoy its fine fall winds and will rejoin Argosea to share the adventure.  We hope to connect with friends in that area so here’s your heads up that we are on the way!  It’s time to enjoy some sundowners.

Thanks for following.

Richard & Kay

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  1. Have one for us Richard .....regards to everyone. We are still in Colombia minus our gearbox but John flies to Miami on Monday to pick up the new one. Getting stuff shipped into Colombia is ridiculous and this seemed quickest and most cost effective way .....fingers crossed John should have it fitted by the weekend after next!
    Fair winds and safe sailing
    John and Deb