Sunday, August 2, 2015

Homeward Bound

Richard, Richard, Anne, Tony, Kay, and Martin
Newport, RI
It has been just about two years (682 days to be exact) since we set sail from Bristol for the adventure of a lifetime.  We knew we were heading south but our exact itinerary was planned day by day.  As the cool winds of the New England Fall began to blow, we moved south, mile by mile.  We found our way to the Chesapeake,  then on to North and South Carolina.  Finally we reached Florida at Thanksgiving time.  By Christmas we were in the Bahamas, having left the US only to return a year and a half later.  All we knew was we needed to be below the hurricane zone by June 1.  We headed south, exploring the islands of the eastern Caribbean before settling in Grenada for the majority of the H season.  With a urge to keep moving, we ventured to Trinidad and then on to South America before beginning our journey back north.  

Anchorage on the Way Home
In Suriname we were on the 4th parallel, a mere 400 miles from the equator.  The Amazon Basin would mark our southern most point of travel. With time spent exploring new islands and ports as we sailed north, we also got to revisit a few of our favorite places like Les Saintes, Guadeloupe, and Anguilla, to name a few.  All in all  we visited over 25 countries and sailed close to 14,000 miles. 
Richard and Kay holding up the 500MT lift at Newport Shipyard
  We made many friends and have become close to a number of them.  We know these will be relationships that we will be enjoying for years to come. 

Now we are back in Bristol with nothing but great memories and more stories than our friends will want to hear.  It time to dream about the next phase of this adventure as we continue to live aboard Atalanta and continue to desire warm weather, calm seas, and new experiences. 

Listening to the Decemberists in Vermont

Thanks to those of you that have followed our blog as we ventured out.  Stay tuned and we look forward to reconnecting with those of you that we have be away from.

Best always

Richard and Kay

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  1. Enjoy your time back home ......and keep in touch! X