Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Isle Des Saintes

Les Saintes
Our anchorage in
Les Saintes
Les Saintes are small islands 10 miles off the southern coast of Guadeloupe. This secluded set of islands has been French since its colonization and has always supported a community of fisherman.  Les Saintes are charming and have an energy fed by the steady flow of day-trippers from Guadeloupe.  The only town is Bourg Des Saintes on the island of Terre D’en Haut.  With restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries lining its narrow streets, Bourg Des Saintes is a beautiful stop over.
Kay, Ann and Jonas at Fort Napoleon
Les Saintes
Accompanied by Jonas & Ann-Sofie and Tony & Anne, we climbed a steep, winding road  to the highest point on the island - the site of Fort Napoleon and enjoyed spectacular views of the islands as well as Ilet a Cabrit, home of Fort Josephine.  The waters surrounding this small archipelago offer great snorkeling so  about twice a day we put on masks and fins to explore the coral reefs and attempt to identify some of the hundreds of tropical fish that make them their home.

Our friends on Lady Annila and Argosea were here for a few days.  We enjoyed time to share stories, sundowners, and a meal with friends.  We will reunite again further north.  

Without a doubt, Isle Des Saintes is near the top of our list of places we love in the Caribbean.  After spending a week here, tomorrow we move up the leeward shore of 
Murray heading home
Guadeloupe to Pigeon Island, once thought by Jacques Cousteau to be one of the 10 greatest dive sites in the world.  Then it’s north to Antigua.  We are revisiting favorite locations and also sailing to places that we missed on our journey south including Saba, Barbuda, and Statia.  But, it all depends on where the wind blows.
Chores are completed for today so it’s time to bring Murray ashore, visit an internet cafĂ© to post the blog, and then go for a swim.  

Thanks for following our travels and please comment if you wish. We love hearing from you.  Richard and Kay

Sundowners with Sofie and Jonas

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  1. Stan & Elizabeth WalkerFebruary 22, 2015 at 11:20 AM

    That was one of our favorite spots too. And the baguettes and croissants are delicious and the low price of the wines makes them taste even better. Is the dolphin still cruising the harbor first thing in the morning? We had a mother and little one every morning we were there that spent quite a bit of time checking everything out. What a treat!