Thursday, September 25, 2014

Daily Necessities

Mascara and hair dryer came off the list!  We've been living below 24ยบ N latitude for over a year and my definition of "essential" has changed.

Things I use every single day (not in this order):
1.  Sunscreen. Probably have 10+ bottles of sun protection lotions, sprays, and creams aboard.

2. Bug dope.  American mosquitoes don't like me but the ones in the tropics do.  Malaria, dengue and especially chikungunya are present; I don't wish for any of them.

3. Glasses. Wearing the polarized Sunclouds Tara gave me all the time. Unfortunately, reading glasses also necessary.

4. Hat.  Either this umbrella-sized hat or a baseball cap finds its way onto my head each day.

5. Dawn. Original blue Dawn comes in handy for everything from washing dishes, bathing Murray, doing laundry, scrubbing Sunbrella-covered cushions, dodger & bimini, cleaning tools, getting sea salt out of ropes, lines, and halyards and killing bugs. It's biodegradable and phosphate-free so I'm being gentle on the environment, too.

6. Toothbrush. Son-in-law Pat (a dentist) should be happy to know that I brush daily.

7. Flip-flops.  I'm wearing my 4th pair and on the lookout for a 5th.

8. Camera.  How would I remember everything without photos?

9. Crystal Light & water bottle.  Staying hydrated is a challenge especially when the water doesn't always taste good. Running low on Crystal Light and it's not sold anywhere down here! Somebody needs to visit us with a resupply . . . Paul, again????

10. Deodorant. It's really hot here!

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