Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Trinidad and Venezuela

After nearly 3 months in Grenada, we lifted the hook and sailed out of Prickly Bay.  Bound for Trinidad, 80 miles to the south, we “buddy boated” with friends who were on their steel sloop Margie.   Leaving about 5:30 PM, we enjoyed 15-knot winds out of the ENE for the first three hours. Then the winds settled and we motor-sailed the rest of the night. At sunrise, oil rigs that dot the lower Caribbean came into view. Trinidad is within 7 miles of Venezuela and like Somalia, the coast is populated with those who may choose to engage in aggressive acts against yachts.  This threat, the highest in the hemisphere, requires that you do not enter the waters of Trinidad too far to the west.
Approaching the coast of Trinidad, we were taken with the islands’ rugged beauty.  Rounding the northwest corner, we entered Chagaruamas Harbor, checked in to customs and immigration, and then anchored in TTSA for one night. 

We are now safely docked at the lovely Crews Inn Marina.  We are enjoying being plugged in to electricity and water, using our air conditioner, swimming in great pool and accessing a wide range of yacht services. We will be restocking the galley, repairing some engine issues, exploring the island, and liming (relaxing).   

Trinidad, the southern most island in the Caribbean, is a hub for industry and commerce.  There is a vital economy here, energized by the oil industry and its growing reputation as a vibrant and dynamic destination with a rich cultural diversity, abundant natural beauty, and fascinating history will make our two weeks here enjoyable.

Our plan is to leave at sunset in early September and sail along the northern coast of Trinidad.  Once east of the island, we will turn south for a five-day/night sail to Suriname.  This trip will take us to a little visited country just south of Guyana.  We hope to spend most of September in Suriname and most of October in Guyana before heading north again (maybe?)

Tonight we say good bye to our friends and mates from Margie as they fly off to the US for a few months of touring in an RV.  We will miss them and hope they have the time of their lives visiting the east coast.  

Thanks for following.

Richard and Kay

Having WIFI is a treat

Hiking NW Trinidad

Richard looking for monkeys and Parrots 

Entering the Rain Forest

Tony in the Bamboo Cathedral


Kay at home in the jungles of Trinidad

Life Guards at
Chaguaramas National Park

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