Saturday, November 16, 2013

Continuing South ahead of the Winter weather

On November 14th we departed Charleston after spending a wonderful month at the Charleston City Marina.  The weather has been spectacular.  As our Vermont friends are welcoming snow, we have been able to enjoy sunny warm weather…. That is until recently.  The weather in Charleston has turned colder for a day or two as we prep for points south. Charleston has been a combination of family time with Liam, Ben, Amy, and Jason, Rachel, Pat, Lois and Grant and visits from friends.  We have also had the chance to meet new acquaintances and perhaps future friends.

Beaufort, SC
Beaufort, SC

Our next days will take us south.  While waiting for a gale out on the open water to settle, we decided to transit the ICW to Beaufort, SC.  The ICW offers its share of scenery but lacks the beauty of the open ocean.  Beaufort (pronounced BU-FORT) (not to be mistaken for Beaufort, NC (pronounced BO-FORT) is a charming and historic town that is also home to the famous Paris Island (Marine boot camp).  Richard has assured Kay that he has no intention of enlisting while there. Our hope is to sail on the outside for Georgia and enter St. Mary’s sound for our transition to Florida. 
Finally, Kay and Richard have commemorated their time in Charleston,  each getting a tattoo.  Yes mom, a tattoo, no Noah, it does not cover our entire body.  We will now always remember our time in Charleston, always.

Our next post will detail our time in historic Beaufort and our journey past GA on to Fl.  Stay Tuned.

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