Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekend in the Narraganset

The weather has not been cooperating lately.  This week brought more rain than anyone deserves.  Nevertheless, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday relented and gave us a wonderful weekend aboard with our good friend John.  While the winds did not make Block Island an ideal destination, we did find Newport and Potter’s Cove to be beautiful anchorages.  Once in Newport, a port that John had never been to before, we went on long walks and visited The Breakers and The Elms, two magnificent mansions of the Gilded Age.  While it is great to see such magnificent architecture and art, they also remind us of how our history has and may always be defined by the distance between those that have too much and those that struggle to get through each day.  It is clear that one cannot exist without the other.  Each owes to the other for their quality of life.

We also went to the Newport Shipyard to look at some of the most spectacular yachts in the world.  This is a yard designed to accommodate super yachts, mostly sail.  They had just put together their new travel-lift that took 8 tractor-trailer loads to bring to the site for assembly.  It can lift a mighty 500 tons!  We have never seen a lift with this capacity.  This lift can pull two hundred foot sailboat, rig out. 

Our preparations for traveling south are now focusing on packing up our belongings and placing them in a forty-foot trailer that Paul has so graciously allowed us to place on his property.  Load by load, we will be packing our possessions.  As we are packing up, Stan and Liz, our landlords are in the middle of a five-day sail to a U.S. port after two years in the Caribbean.  We wish them a safe journey and fair weather. 

More to come!

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