Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Update: Still on the hard

Kay and I made a trip to RI to check in on Atalanta this weekend and to pick up our 4 person offshore life raft from Life Raft Survival Equipment in Tiverton.  It is now inspected and certified for the next three years.  Hopefully, it will sit on the deck of Atalanta and never need to be deployed.  It's one of those items you want to be of high quality and never use.  Thanks to Scott.

Upon entering Atalanta for the first time since she had been covered (November) the interior is pretty much torn apart as the new generator is being installed.  We are looking forward to having it up and running for the new season.  It will provide us with the juice to be able to run the existing AC and heat as well as to make water and charge batteries without taxing the Perkins diesel.  Thanks to Bristol Marine for their work with this job.

We are continuing to refinish the teak and holly sole.  Fortunately, 90% of the sole (floor) comes up and can be worked on in the basement at home.  We are using Epithane high gloss for the first 8 coats and a matte finish for the final two.  Thanks to the high quality of the Little Harbor, we are able to sand out all the imperfections as the sole is not a laminate but instead a solid teak and holly.  Once finished, the interior is going to look great.

Thats it for now.  Stay posted as we continue winter preparations.

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